If you spent a day with the Bottomley family, you would understand the passion they have for farming. The entire family is involved with the success of the company.

Mitchell, a true visionary, directs the companies’ course from a truck or a tractor, you can find him in the office if it rains or snows (and barely even then) he would rather be out in the fields and running equipment.

Kelly is known locally as the “whiz kid of all things pumpkin”. As a true leader in the industry, he takes great pride in growing the most sought-after, highest quality autumn crop.

Although Tracy was raised in a farming family, his passion is sales and marketing. His knowledge of the produce and greenery industries comes from hands on experience, making him a valuable asset.

Back in 1980, when Mitchell Bottomley was just eight years old, he and his grandpa, Bunk Roten, would spend hours in the basement tying evergreen garlands to earn a little extra Christmas money.

When his grandpa died ten years later, Mitchell reached back into those fond childhood memories and emerged with a booming business idea. He combined efforts with his father, Blan Bottomley, who was a respected cabbage grower, together the two started Bottomley’s Evergreens & Farms, Inc. in 1990, turning what once was a cottage family business into the largest supplier of Christmas greenery in the eastern United States.

Today the Bottomley family continues to make this business an homage to those family members who helped lay the groundwork for what the business is today.

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