Bottomley Evergreens and Farms have 6 locations; our home office and production facility is in Ennice, NC, just one mile from the Blue Ridge Parkway. The distribution center is in Sparta NC. We also have a facility in Mt Airy, NC (BTW, that’s the real Mayberry RFD.) In Virginia we have locations in Elk Creek and Austinville, and our west coast greens come from our Gresham, OR plant.

We will soon be moving our home office and all of production to Sparta, NC for the 2016 season!

  • Over 4,000 acres of Fraser Fir Christmas Trees - we started these fields in 1990
  • Over 1600 acres of pumpkins - first crop was in 2000
  • Over 275 acres of cabbage - started growing in 1968
  • Over 2250 acres of corn - started this crop in 2010
  • Over 150 acres of boxwood - started in 1990

Grown in the mountains of NC and VA and native Blue Ridge Region the Fraser Fir grows best over 3,000 feet in elevation. With a perfect Christmas tree shape and fragrant dark green needles that have a long retention time, the Fraser Fir is an excellent and highly sought after Christmas tree. The Fraser is named after John Fraser, the Scottish botanist and explorer who discovered it in the late 18th century.

1,200,000 Fraser Fir Trees were planted in the spring of 2016 to keep up with the growing demand for this choice Christmas tree!

The trees are cut after a couple of frosts; this “sets the needles”. Storing the trees in cool, dark and humid coolers keeps the tree fresh and long lasting for the consumer.

The desired height, climate and Mother Nature all come into play, but the general rule is 6-8 years for a 7’ tree once it is planted as a sapling. It takes 4 years from seed to a transplantable sapling. Total years for this process are up to 12, from seed to adorned and decorated in your families’ living room.

Five of our facilities have cold storage, totaling over 350,000 square feet of cold storage

The core team is mentioned in our About Us Section. Our Management team is committed to the best service and quality of product.
Bottomleys has 100 full time workers from the office to the fields, as the largest employer in the county; Bottomleys is committed to the farming way of life that sustains the region.
During the height of the Evergreen Season we will add over 800 workers to produce the greenery needed for Christmas.

Quality is very important to the Bottomley family and its staff. Each crop has a trained and experienced quality inspection team. If it is looking for problems in the fields, weekly team meetings, training our craftsman to make the designed items to the full specs and recounting the loads as they arrive in the storage facility; we have implemented layers of inspections to insure that the product you get is top notch. We believe that best quality practices will help us grow our partnerships for success and profitability.

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